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Check the "sidebar" tab on the right side of this screen, where you'll find links to pages for specific education themes.  Some of the links on the pages are located on the Internet (URLs), but most will take you to locations in Second Life (SLurls) or to pages for groups in SL.  If you have Second Life open in the background and click on those links, it will open a SL map on a new webpage.  Click "teleport" on that map and then go back to the SL program and a teleport should be waiting.

This is a collaborative enterprise, so please add your own information.  If you'd like to edit it yourself, I'll need to add you as a editor.  You can also send me the information requested below and I'll add it for you!  Also, if you find a dead or changed link let me know, or fix it yourself!


Scroll down to find information on: 

1.  How to contribute 

2.  A sample entry 

3.  How to create a SLurl



Randall Sadler (Randall Renoir in Second Life)

You can find more materials on the use of CMC in language learning and on teaching Second Language Reading & Writing on my website:  www.eslweb.org 


HOW TO CONTRIBUTE:  If you add an entry please follow the format you see on the first entry on each page.  The information you should include is:

1.  The name of the place (use the Heading2 Format--find this next to the font window-and make the color dark blue).

  • IMPORTANT--after the name please give the rating for the location (PG or Mature).  The official rating will show at the top of the SL screen BUT if you disagree with the rating (e.g., a PG rating where you've seen lots of mature behavior) you can indicate that here as well.

2.  A short description of what is there and (optional) how it could be used for education (1-2 paragraphs--normal size format, black text)

3.  The URL or SLurl as an active link (see below for instructions)

4.  Add a line after your entry.  Do this by clicking on the "insert horizontal line" icon in the edit menu--next to the "insert table" icon.

  • Please note:  if you have a location that fits in more than one category (e.g. a language school for more than one language) please place that in as many categories as apply--this will make the wiki more user friendly.  Thanks!
  • Also note:  If you find a dead link, please try to update it.  If you can't find an updated link, please put a note next to the site name saying "DEAD LINK"
  • Finally:  If you have "groups" that are useful for language learning, add those too!  Just put in the name of the group instead of the SLurl, and be sure to tell the readers that it is a group.



Sample Entry ----- Sample Entry ----- Sample Entry ------ Sample Entry


Second Life English (PG) (info from their associated website: http://www.secondlifeenglish.com )


     The ultimate aim of Second Life English is to assist foreign language teachers in their efforts to use the virtual world of Second Life as an instructional medium. Moreover, we seek to help empower language learners with the English language (and other languages) by providing various opportunities to participate in learning activities. Team-teaching events are offered to allow teachers a chance to collaboratively explore various approaches to facilitating language acquisition in a 3D environment.

     We aspire to act as a no-strings-attached resource for the bringing together of language learners and teachers as well as in-world language groups and schools. Teachers who participate in the Second Life English Community are encouraged to communicate the terms and conditions of whatever language learning assistance they may choose to provide directly to their students. Second Life English does not wish to portray itself as a school. We do not 'have' teachers or students. We are simply a community which intends to lend a helping hand to language enthusiasts.

     Second Life English has recently acquired a new SIM which it intends to maintain and develop as a free resource and meeting point for language enthusiasts. In addition to the SIM itself, we will make an effort to provide free ongoing workshops and seminars to teachers. Other free resources include (or will soon include) an ESL/SL orientation walk, a self-study circuit, in-world quizzing tools, 'launch pad classrooms', LMS-integrated tools, etc.





How can I create a SLurl?

If you want to add a link to a place in Second Life on the Wiki, add it as a Second Life URL (SLURL).  To do this you start with the base address:

  1. http://slurl.com/secondlife/
  2. Then you add the name of the region and the 3-part coordinates that you'll find at the top of your SL screen or on your landmark
    • http://slurl.com/secondlife/<region>/<x-coordinate>/<y-coordinate>/<z-coordinate>/


So, for example, to link to EduNation(95,229,23), you would enter the following:

http://slurl.com/secondlife/EduNation/95/229/23/ <-- The final z-coordinate is optional.


After you type in your full SLurl it should automatically change into a link.  If not, use the hyperlink button at the top of the editing screen (looks like a globe)


go to this site and it will "build" the link for you:  http://slurl.com/build.php



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